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Hair removal creams and lotion are a very popular treatment for hair eradication. These creams can be bought from many places, and can be purchased by many different brands. People buy these products sometimes looking for permanently removing their hair. Some brands say that their lotion is able to create a permanent hair removal solution. This most likely is not the case. There are a limited amount of ways to get rid of hair permanently, and these treatments can be very expensive. Creams aren’t generally very expensive, and sure the effects last longer than other ways of removing ones hair, but is it permanent? No.

Hair remover creams are not permanent. They can last between five days and five weeks, (it depends on the rapid growth of you hair.) It also depends on the cost and brand of the lotion you have chosen. The most common, and said to be the best working cream, is Revitol. Of course there are lots of other brands to choose from that work almost equally as well. None of these hair removing lotions are permanent though, but they are affordable, and get the job done for longer periods of time then other hair removal methods.

Epilators are not permanent either. For more imformation on the best epilators visit this site.

Understanding Human Hair Growth

Hair grows every where on the human body, except the palms of your hands, and the soles of your feet. Hair is made up of protein and multi-layered cells. The protein (also known as keratin) is made of a chain like structure. Its job is to help strengthen the hair shaft. When hair grows, there are three stages it goes into.

  • Anagen: the anagen phase is the first cycle to hair growth. This cycle can last from two, to six years. This stage lasts the longest, and is said that eighty five percent of the hairs on the human body (including the head) is in this phase. How long the hair stays in this stage, and how bold it grows is based on genetics. It is also proven that the longer a hair is in the anagen phase, the longer and faster the hair grows. It depends on the person as to how quickly your hair will grow back.
  • Catagen: After the anagen phase the hair goes into the catagen cycle. In this stage of body hair growth the hair takes a “rest”. So really in this stage, the hair doesn’t grow. In fact, it shrinks. It shrinks due to disintegration, and this results in the hair shaft being pushed upward. In a sense the hair is resting, and to do so it is cutting itself from the bodies nourishing blood supply. This phase lasts roughly two weeks. The percentage of hairs on the human body, including the head, that are in this stage can vary from 0 percent to 5 percent.
  • Telogen: The last stage of hair growth, before the hair goes back into anagen phase is telogen. The telogen phase only happens on the head, for usually other body hair is already gone from being shaved.

And there you have it. That is how hair grows. On the human body we shave the hairs other than the ones on our head and eyelashes, and so we do not see the different cycles that all the hair grows through.

travel trailers for saleCheck out the window! Is your used travel trailer still there on the drive?

You’re at the campsite, did you lock the door before you went on your hike? Are you sure?

I don’t want to worry you, and truth be told, most folks really are trustworthy when you come down to it, but it doesn’t hurt to think about security every now and then. You keep some valuable stuff in there, stuff you might not have even considered the value of some of it, you to an opportunistic thief it may represent some value.

So how can you protect your investment? Most people don’t use their travel trailer most of the time, so keep the garage or gated area locked with a secure lock. It couldn’t hurt to mention it when you get it insured as well. Maybe you’ll get a reduction.

Campsites are usually friendly places and there really shouldn’t be much to worry about but prevention is better than regret. So lock it at night and when you’re away from it. Take your valuables with you, never leave money or expensive jewellry inside unless you invest in a small safe. And there are ways to secure electronic items as well. There are chains you can use to tether laptops or tvs to something secure within the vehicle. When you were looking for travel trailers for sale, you should have though about security too.

And of course those friendly fellow travellers can have a use to. Ask a neighbour to keep an eye on your RV too. And do the same for them to build trust. In fact if you’ve parked it at home get neighbours there to keep an eye out or the local neighbourhood watch.

It’s all good sense, and you probably now the security risk of your RV better than anyone. It may not be particularly recreational, but it’s better to be safe than regret that you weren’t.