Racing Kayaks – Wonderful Water Races

When it comes to racing, people love it, some love doing it, others love watching it. There is an unbelievable choice of racing events for spectators of all ages.

Over the years people have raced many different things. Take cars for instance car racing is a very popular sport from race cars to stock cars and demolition derby’s every type draws a large following.

Now people don’t just race cars there are plenty of other things to race and each has its own fans. From motorbike racing to soap box derby’s, even horses and dogs are raced for peoples enjoyment.

In other parts of the world such animals as hamsters, cows, cockroaches, lizards,sheep, snails and ostriches as well as camels and pigs have been involved in racing for the enjoyment of their fans.

One racing sport that draws an unbelievable amount of spectators is boat racing. From speed boats to yachts, to catamarans, row boats, canoes and kayaks the list goes on.

Boat racing of every type has a huge following and kayak racing is no exception. Kayak racing was accepted into the Olympic games in 1936 and has become more and more popular over the years.

The kayak, originally used by the Inuit people is a one person, slim type of canoe. The kayak sits low in the water and the person sits facing forward.

They made their kayaks waterproof by covering them with whale fat. They propelled the kayak with a double bladed paddle, first pulling front to back on one side, then the other.

Kayaks were originally made of drift wood or whale bone covered in stretched skins. This changed in the 1950s with the invention of fibreglass and again in the 1980s when they changed to plastic.

Kayak racing has become popular all over the world. And competitors come from many different countries for the worlds longest kayak and canoe race called (The Big Empty).

This race starts in Whitehorse Canada and covers 1000 mile of river expanse all the way to Alaska. This race winds through some of the emptiest land on the continent.

Although the Big Empty is considered the longest kayak, canoe race another noteworthy race is the richest kayak race. Held in Dubai it is one of a dozen races in the World cup series.

Kayak racing has over the years grown in popularity and is enjoyed by males and females alike. The Olympics now include woman’s kayak racing and it is enjoyed by a huge amount of fans.