Ready! Set! Rollaway Bed Race!

rollaway bed for racingWhen it comes to racing, well, people will race anything. Even their rollaway bed, much like these ones found here.

While everyone has heard of car racing as well as motorbikes, bicycles, horses and dogs there are plenty of other things people race. For instance remote control planes, boats, soap boxes, dirt bikes, and even bathtubs!

Yes bathtubs.

Years ago in the town I lived in, they held bathtub races, wheels were somehow added to the bathtub, and while one man sat in it, 2 other men pushed. Although this sounds crazy the turn out of spectators for this race was unbelievable.

Other odd races that deserve a mention are office chair racing, wife carrying, dummy downhill racing, pigeon racing, cheese rolling race, eating races, mud run, and lots more.

While these certainly seem odd, I am sure it’s lots of fun. Another odd but fun race is rollaway bed racing. This started out in 1977 in Cloverdale as a publicity stunt, to build enthusiasm for the start of the Cloverdale Rodeo and Country Fair.

The rollaway bed race event starts with a demonstration from participants of the World Free Style Skateboard Championships, which also perform at the Fairgrounds.

Following the Skateboard demonstration is a Western themed Bike Parade, where kids show off their creations to the crowd, then receive randomly drawn prizes.

The main event however is the rolling bed race, with four categories, (men, women, media and mixed). The men’s team consists of six men, who push the bed with a lady on it. A woman’s team consists of six women who push the bed with a man on it.

Then a mixed/media team can be a mixture of six men and six woman, plus a rider, but the team must have at least two woman pushers.

Rollaway Bed races are now held all over the country, and now follow certain rules like the Rolling Slumber Bed Races.

For instance, the bed must be at least six feet in length and three feet in width. It must be constructed in a fashion that the pushers are able to see the racetrack in front of them.

The frame of the bed however does not have to belong to an original bed. The rollaway bed for racing must clearly display the teams name.

While a mattress is not required some form of covering is, so that the rider does not fall through. Some of the acceptable coverings are Foam mattresses, car seats, or even skateboards. Personal safety must be a top priority when considering the transportation of the rider.

Beds must have four wheels no more no less, and be designed so all four wheels contact the ground at all times.

One of the most fun parts of bed racing is making and designing your own. While not everyone wants to build their own bed, a good idea is to purchase a rollaway bed, these beds while being very light weight are extremely strong and sturdy, another advantage of these beds are the swivel, durable wheels are already attached.

Most rollaway beds come with a mattress, that is also light weight and strong. So if you are thinking of entering the Rolling Slumber Bed Races, get a rollaway bed a chance to help you win.